Organic Cotton Vegan Friendly

All our products are made from the best quality, organic cotton and we only send out in carbon-neutral, sugar cane you can eat them afterwards. Sweet!

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more effective than tinder

Only wear our designs if you can handle the attention. People will stop you in the street and enquire where the hell you got your look from. And hey presto, the sound of Prosecco bottles popping. We will naturally do a children's line at a point to serve the results of all that attention!

Soapbox time

You are living in 2019. A world where 90% of the world's wealth lies in the hands of a few chosen people. We allow school bullies to run countries. We prefer division to unity. Self. Selfie. Self-absorbed. Self-destruct. "Yes we can," a wise man said. We could ALL eat, we could ALL drink, we could ALL have shelter, we could ALL give our children the start in life they deserve. But no. We prefer self-destruction of ourselves and our planet.

The Bloody Luxury brand is about making a statement about this growing imbalance. The more this chasmic divide grows, the more we feel the need to make this apparent at Bloody Luxury. Hippies, I hear you shout! Hey those drug induced days are loooooong gone. Now we get off on Mohitos. But the message is still the same.

Each one reach one, each one gotta teach one.

Do we have a deal, or not?