A T-shirt so awesome, it even went to war!

Okay fine, maybe not actual war, but I hope you have your cup of whatever (sweet tea for me please), as I have quite the story to tell about this T-shirt.

The raglan sleeve T-shirt is a pretty neat piece. It’s of a Very cool cut, and probably made waves with the cool kids. It has a pretty bada#s history, and it goes all the way to the battle of Waterloo in 1815.

The structure of this T-shirt has its sleeve extending in one piece all the way to the collar. Where the sleeve meets the collar bone from the underarm, a diagonal seam is exposed

The style of this T-shirt really pops when a different color of T-shirt material is used for the sleeves, and another for the rest of the T-shirt.

The raglan sleeve T-shirt got its name from its ancestor, a pretty impressive coat designed by renowned coat producer Aquascutum. Aquascutum specially designed this coat for the 1st baron raglan, lord raglan after he lost his arm in the battle of Waterloo. This coat sported the same raglan sleeve.

This special coat allowed lord raglan to easily move his sword in battle. This style of the sleeve enables a person to move their arms freely due to its structure, which is quite different from the more restrictive nature of your typical sleeves.'


I mean imagine losing your arm and still looking to fight in the next war!

I personally would instead not go to the bathroom no matter how bad I needed to go, if I thought I heard a noise downstairs (the coward gene is a thing yo!)

It is either this guy was braver than the black widow or plain insane like well…..the black widow

Apart from its epic and bada#s history, the raglan sleeve type T-shirt has a pretty cool present also.

Just like it was favored way back when wars were celebrated more than the super bowl, the raglan sleeve T-shirt has also found a soft spot in the hearts of baseball players and in the game itself.

This type of T-shirt is seen to be worn by baseball players under their jersey. I know you like most people probably thought it was worn that way because it was stylish, but it is worn because its sleeve is structured in a way that allows for easy movement.

It is no surprise though, as you didn't make those world record arm swings wearing clothing that restricts your throw.

I know by now, you are getting as mad just as I am, that T-shirts are apparently way cooler than we thought, and even cooler than we thought we were, but I can promise you that there is more to come.

But if there is one take away here, it would be that these days, whenever I am feeling pumped but too lazy actually to be productive; I would simply pull one of these T-shirts out from my closet, put it on, and not feel like a total loser that day.

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