History of T-shirts

Remember the meme that calls out Superman for wearing his underwear outside his pants?

Well, what if you told you that we are all just as guilty?

The history of one of our favorite clothing items the T-shirt, begins with it being created to serve as an undergarment which first came alive during the Spanish-American war. (Superman gets the last laugh I see)

The U.S navy was the first to issue the easiest T-shirts as undergarments for the navy work parties.

They were to be worn for work and hence not soil their uniforms. The active individuals of the navy were required to take off the shirt part of their uniforms, and wear the T-shirt underneath for the work process.

From being work clothes and some form of undergarment for the navy, the T-shirt eventually evolved into a form of casual clothing for veterans as a stand-alone top for their uniform bottoms.

Soon, other industries began to allow these T-shirts as a bottom layer clothing for their workers.

Because of the easy to clean and inexpensive nature of the t-shirt, it soon became a popular favorite for young boys.

The T-shirt picked up from being a basic inner garment for workers of a wide range of industries, to becoming the typical attire for working on the farm and ranch.

Its popularity really began to pick up as casual attire in the 1950's, when popular actor Marlon Brando gave it a cameo in the movie a streetcar named desire.

The name of the T-shirt was coined from the T shape of the shirt itself, but do you know why the V-neck T-shirt came to be?

Yes, a lot of people would say it is because of the unwavering diversity of fashion, but the V-neck T-shirt was created for a more practical reason.

The V-neck T-shirt was structured that way to ensure that the neck part of the shirt was well hidden when worn underneath other clothes.

Apart from its primary uses and styles, the print style of the T-shirt is also a significant part of its history. Printed on T-shirts became quite the fad in the 1960s, and was used quite significantly in advertisement campaigns, used as souvenirs and for general expression of self.

Though in 1942 the air corps gunnery school T-shirt, a print t-shirt, was featured on the cover of Life magazine, it indeed became most sought after in the 1960s.

When Drake talked about starting from the bottom and then getting here, I doubt any of us thought at the moment that the T-shirt casually thrown on a chair in our rooms had the same story.

From undergarments to chore wear and now a big part of celebrity fashion, the T-shirt has truly stepped up in the ranks over the years.

After years of making fun of superman for wearing his undergarments out on his pants, we now realize that wow! The T-shirt was once strictly an undergarment, and that we might not be so different from the raven haired super hero after all.

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