Cane sugar packaging, the turtles would be proud!

Some sugar for your tea?

We have been told for ages that sugar would be the death of us all, but what if I told you that sugar, or at least the plant from which it comes from, would save the turtles and ultimately you and me?

In the fight to take back our oceans from plastic bags and hand said oceans back to its rightful owners the turtles (cute little fellas), Trying to get rid of plastic bags hasn’t been an easy endeavor, as the convenience which it brings cannot just be kicked to the curb.

In the bid to use more sustainable materials to help save the planet or at least try, and packaging that would ultimately and permanently replace plastic bags; the discovery of the byproduct of cane sugar came to light.

Bagasse is a byproduct realized from cane sugar when it gets processed into the crystallized sweet stuff that never stops to seduce our sweet tooth.

The bagasse pulp is collected; water gets added to it, and then turned into paste. The resulting paste is used to produce sustainable packaging that not only helps to tackle the plastic pollution problem, but also helps us sleep better at night.

Not only is bagasse used to produce packaging, but it is also used to create other products like sustainable plates, cups etc.

It’s no news that trying to replace the use of plastic bags permanently would take quite a while to actually happen, but with more people joining the save planet earth train….not trend, we do have a great chance to make it happen sooner.

Amongst the large number of people trying to do their bit to help take care of the earth are major clothing brands, with the bloody luxury brand at the forefronts.

On all bloody luxury products, our bags used in packaging are made from cane sugar.

The use of 100% organic cotton may be the major way in which these brands try to save the planet, but the use of bags and general packaging made from bagasse is also another way that they try to help cut down on the use of plastic bags and packaging worldwide.

Online shopping and shopping in general is mighty addictive (don’t ask me how I know),and buying bits and bobs here and there throughout the month or even week could round up to a lot of plastic bags used per person worldwide.

Especially with online shopping, having the things you buy shipped from retailers to you, even when said retailers are situated in the same country or city as you are produces a lot of plastic waste.

Whatever is being delivered to you is usually packaged in a lot of layers to ensure added safety. These layers most times contain a lot of plastic.

With clothing brands and other industry brands joining in on the more sustainable packaging movement, the crazy amounts of stuff we buy daily can finally bring us happiness with less guilt, (retail therapy is no joke!).

Even if it can’t do same for the cool ocean dudes with the breathing underwater super powers (they are missing out to be honest), it could at least stop getting the turtles and other ocean creatures in a choke hold.



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