Controversial T’s – Isis is in business

Okay so before we even begin, I have to let out a wow….

Now that is done, I shall now tell you a story of how the big bad Isis launched their very own clothing line….

I know that you may have just adjusted your glasses or gave your screen a mega wtf look, but I am not kidding, this is an actual thing according to GQ.

Apparently the new ace up the sleeve of Isis in terms of recruits is to target and recruit hipsters.


Apparently, also, the marketing of this Isis merchandise isn't some back door event, but a full-blown business endeavor that has seen the rise and rise in their customer pool.

How do you know which t-shirt on the market right now is an innocent plain t-shirt and which is rigged full of explosives?

Well, the latter clearly reads Isis and bears its symbols, so you get exactly what you pay for.

Even baby clothing isn't spared as Isis slogans and symbols have been seen on baby clothing at physical locations in some parts of the Middle East

Once again, wow!

The hipster recruit rumors are largely based on the fact that you wouldn't typically find people in the Isis strong-hold areas wearing hipster style clothing; hence their target market must be people who are further west.

My dad always says that no matter how terrible a person or cause is, that they would always find more than a handful of people to get behind said cause and even throw in a good reason why.

Do you think that people would just think “oh, an Isis T-shirt, looks neat, I think I have found my new life's cause?”

I don't really think it works that way either, but why would anyone want to wear an Isis T-shirt or anything Isis related knowing just how terrifying their cause is?

And yeah, I get it, we are in the era of trends, and a lot of times, it seems like anything goes, but still, Isis?

Isis wouldn't be the first group of the unsavory to push wearable merchandise proudly.

The KKK’s all white hoods still leave a bitter taste in the mouths of many, so this whole Isis debacle isn't entirely surprising if you really think about it.

It is cool and all if you think it’s no big deal wearing Isis related clothing, and I don't think t-shirts of that nature would land you in jail but…

If you are looking to score some points with your crush or make new friends, you might want one to sit this trend out.

Also, I already know what I think about all this, but do you really think that Isis would really get this bold and set up Some sweatshop trying to break into the fashion business while on the run or in hiding or…

Do you think some brand with a knack for controversy, (you know we have more than a handful of those) is just trying to cash out in the most unlikely way?

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