Controversial t-shirts – Jesus really didn't see this one coming *wipes brow

We all know that with heavy metal and rock bands generally; we have very intensely passionate people who do some heavy lifting when it comes to their controversies.

In 1993, the cradle to filth extreme-metal band went all out on one of their tours when it came to their tour merchandise.

Now trying to come up with the most controversial t-shirt ever made is a pretty neat title, but what do you say about making a shirt so controversial, that at least six people get arrested for wearing it and two shops get raided and fined for distributing?

Lol, I’m sorry for all the suspense. I bet you are wondering what the heck this branded T-shirt could have said that caused that all that buzz, but hold on to your socks kids because this one is huge!

Said tour merchandise t-shirt had a photo of a nun masturbating on the front of the t-shirt with the quote “vestal masturbation” also written on the front of the T-shirt

The back wasn't any subtle, as it read “Jesus is a c#nt”….

Wow, that was really crazy.

I always had wondered though, what were these guys doing at the exact moment when they came up with this t-shirt theme?

If you think that this story has ended, then you need to think again.

Okay so coming up with a t-shirt idea that is certain to drive your fans wild is one thing, but finding a printer that would be willing to get on board and handle the printing project on your behalf is a whole other thing entirely.

The band had quite the hassle of finding a printer to make their super crazy t-shirt idea come alive, and it took them quite a while to find someone.

According to the band, the printer that finally came to their aid handled it as a back door project instead of an official one because of the scandalous nature of the t-shirt.

Dude was so terrified that he made them take the screens with them while leaving. I mean no evidence no crime, yeah?

Lol, I wonder why said printer took the job though despite being absolutely terrified.

The thrill of the kill you think?

The absolute high you get from secretly knowing that you were behind something so crazy. And when you are at the family dinner during thanksgiving, and your bully of a brother is having a go at you because you are such a sweet guy, you laugh to yourself secretly thinking oh if you only knew

I am sorry, I got super carried away up there, but I really do think about Mr. Printer guy now and then.

The cradle to filth band fellas may have had a hard time pulling this one-off, but they sure did make one of the most iconic t-shirts that the rock band history has ever known.

If you are a collector of all things naughty and controversial, you might want to seek this bad boy out.

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