Controversial t-shirts: the Amazon problem we all wish we had

I don’t think that wearing t-shirts would typically be a big favorite with most billionaires, but one t-shirt sure did find its way to get under the skin of one or at least under the skin of his PR people.

More money more problems…yeah, it’s a real thing

When Amazon began, I bet they had a lot of problems with staying afloat as an up and coming company.

I bet also that one of said problems probably included not having enough people care enough to use their platform.

Fast forward to when things got very rosy. The online trading giant Amazon ran into some problems that were quite the opposite of that above stated.

A certain t-shirt brand which is notorious for putting out less than conventional type t-shirts struck again, and this time they made the news big time.

This company which claims that their specialty lies in adult humor, released a t-shirt that had a “slavery gets sh#t done” quote.

When said t-shirt was listed on the Amazon platform, a lot of shoppers didn’t find said release even remotely funny.

I mean, it’s the era of social media, and what better way to get more publicity to your brand? Being controversial of course!

A lot of people had speculated that the release of the t-shirt was part of some publicity stunt.

It’s the oldest trick in the book! (What book you might ask)

Put out something controversial, have social media and the internet in general go crazy and bring more publicity to you(no publicity is bad publicity they say, but is that really true though?)

Whether the publicity gathered from this publicity stunt by the brand actually did anything positive for them is still up for debate. But the question of how much controversy is too much controversy is one question that a lot of people need an answer to.

Are there some lines that shouldn’t be crossed by these brands in the name of marketing or does anything go like in love and war?

Whatever the answer to that question is, I highly doubt that we have seen the last of these wild stunts from some of our favorite brands.

And back to the Amazon part in this debacle…

Because said t-shirt was listed on Amazon, their platform took most of the heat.

Amazon came out with a statement that said that they would be more vigilant with the products that gets listed on their platform. They ultimately pulled down the not so funny t-shirt.

Yes, it does fall on Amazon to take better care when it comes to a lot of things concerning their platform, especially the kinds of things they allow to be sold.

Looking at things realistically though, it would be totally understandable that one or two distasteful products fall in the cracks and gets missed by the Amazon team.

Amazon has probably upped their requirements to list on their platform and stuff like that since this situation, but trust people to always find a way to just do stuff that they shouldn’t.

I have been wondering though, do you think that Amazon ever thought it would one day have the problem of too many listings that they would somehow begin to lose track of some?

I don’t know about you guys, but that is one amazing problem to have if you ask me.

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