Cool branded t-shirts inspired by music and its superstars

What do you have on some of your cool branded t-shirts? Is there a theme to your style, or do you just fall in love with random pieces now and then?

Do you like having the lyrics to your favorite songs on your cool branded t-shirts? Or just maybe an album cover or even a stunning photo of your favorite superstar?

Branded t-shirts inspired by music and its superstars are a popular favorite, and over time, we all have had at least one in our closets.

If you are on the lookout for some ideas for your branded t-shirts and you are also big on music, then below are a few suggestions for you.

P.S, if none of your favorites are listed below….kindly do not shoot the messenger!

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones had quite the hold on us, and just like they left a mark on us and a legacy, they also left us some super ideas for cool branded t-shirts.

The iconic Mick Jagger luscious lips and pout will always be one of the most famous signatures in music. This photo splashed across the front of t-shirts to create the perfect branded t-shirts has refused to go out of style.

This logo and signature were created by john Pasche for the rolling stones in 1971, and music lovers in the '60s sure did lose their minds over this one.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd's album the dark side of the moon was a true gem in 1973, and his album cover for the said album has been quite the fodder for cool branded t-shirts for decades now.

If you are into the good old stuff when it comes to music, then this branded t-shirt might just be the one you seek.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley inspired a ton of people while he was alive, and has continued to do so in 2019 through his evergreen music and bob Marley inspired branded t-shirts.

Most come with his face and a quote, while some just carry lyrics from some of the innumerable songs of his.

If you bump to Bob Marley's music now and then, do you think you have a good reason not to have one of his inspired branded t-shirts?

The Beatles

The abbey road album cover will always have a place in the heart of true music lovers.

I mean what could be more artistic than the four Beatles legendarily zebra crossing the abbey road?

This album cover has been a brilliant inspiration for a ton of branded t-shirts for decades now, and this inspiration doesn't seem to be dying out anytime soon.

John Lennon

The John Lennon's New York City t-shirt worn for a photo shoot way back when has also been a simple but popular inspiration for branded t-shirts.

He was asked by his photographer to show up in a t-shirt that expressed his take on being a New Yorker, and he simply went across the street and got himself a $5 t-shirt that read “New York City”

Now kids, what could be more New York than that?

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