How to store your cool t-shirts

I know most people don’t pay much attention to their t-shirts because well, t-shirts don’t typically cost a lot.

But what happens when you decide to splurge on a designer tshirt? Do you still throw it on the chair? (You definitely know what chair I’m talking about)

Now because we tend to take our t-shirts for granted (I am so sorry on behalf of everyone) when we finally splurge on something pricier, we are near clueless on how to properly store said pricey t-shirt.

What’s the point in getting a couple of cool t-shirts and having it ruined before you get to wear off its price’s worth?

Below are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to storing your cool t-shirts

Some people may disagree but….

I personally am not a fan of storing my t-shirts with a hanger….

It’s true that you can get away with it and not have the neck band of your cool t-shirts slack when you store them with a hanger, but I do not like to risk it.

If you are one to store your t-shirts with hangers, then ensure that you go in with the hanger from the open end of said t-shirt and not the neck.

Not saying to put all your eggs in one basket, but…

When you have no system of organization when it comes to storing your clothes generally, there tend to be a lot of clothes manhandling

When storing your cool t-shirts, ensure to have a designated spot in your wardrobe for them so they do not end up being on the floor or worse, at the bottom of somewhere that is difficult to find.

If you are lazy like me, then do this

Look, If am being honest, I would not mind getting my t-shirts into a ball and just throwing them into my closet but…

Since I am trying to be a better adult, I have decided to spend a few more seconds to actually fold said t-shirts.

It won’t take more than a few seconds, but before you store your cool t-shirts, place it on a flat surface, fold both sleeves inwards, fold the entire length of the t-shirt in half and then gently roll the bottom of the t-shirt all the way to the top and then store.

For easy identification while storing, do this

While storing your cool t-shirts, ensure to try as much as possible to color coordinate

Secondly, store them like you would files in an office cabinet facing upwards so you can easily flip between each and pick out whichever you want.

Ensure that there are enough spaces in between each t-shirt so you have it easier when flipping through.

You are a hoarder, get help! (Tough love is still love, yeah?)

We have all been here, not willingly to let go of our stuff.

If you haven’t reached for that cool t-shirt of yours in quite a while, that could be an indication that you no longer need that level of cool.

Getting rid of t-shirts you no longer wear or clothes in general gives you enough space to properly store your new purchases.

An in-depth de-clutter might just be what you need to save your cool tshirts.

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