Redefining comfort, one organic cotton t-shirt at a time

In the era of vegans and the fitness/superior health trend, going the organic route with your cool t-shirts is more than just the next popular thing, but one endeavor that makes to increase that excellent comfortable clothing experience.

You hear organic cotton and think to yourself “errr isn’t cotton generally organic?” Well technically, everything that grows from out of the ground is said to be organic, but with organic produce in today’s agricultural technological sphere, the term organic has a different meaning to it.

Organic cotton is said to be cotton grown free of any form of genetic modifications (GMOs) and chemical based fertilizers.

Organic cotton is also perceived to be a more sustainable option, as it is employs safe practices that keep the wellbeing of the environment in mind (a tree hugger’s sweet dream)

When you make a clothing purchase, we already know why exactly you made said purchase….

And no, we aren’t talking about living it up for instagram…..nope, we don’t judge

It’s great to show off your nice new outfits, feel and look good in them, but what’s that cool outfit if you aren’t comfortable in it?

A good part of comfort when it comes to clothing lies with its overall fit and finish, but a good part of it also lies at the grass root, being the make material itself.

When you invest a good amount of money on a quality t-shirt, you aren’t just paying for the look, but you are also paying for your comfort.

The quality t-shirt industry have been known to employ the use of organic cotton for the creation of their t-shirts, and the bloody luxury brand is one of those brands that keep your comfort in mind from the war room where the t-shirt design ideas are drawn up, to when it gets to you.

The use of organic cotton in the manufacturing of cool t-shirts simply offers more value than your money’s worth.

People hear sensitive skin and think of all the soaps, creams and general cosmetics they need to avoid to ensure that their skin isn’t irritated, but most people do not think of taking better care of their sensitive skin in terms of the quality of the clothing they put on.

The use of organic cotton in the creation of your clothing, especially your everyday wear t-shirts is a great addition to your skin care endeavors. And though it might not seem like much, but it does more for your well being than you know.

The Bloody Luxury brand is one that is highly invested in listening to, understanding and meeting the needs of our customers, and our 100% organic cotton t-shirts are the height of comfort in style.

Our organic cotton t-shirts are:

  • Breathable (great for active wear)
  • Great on sensitive skin
  • Highly durable and
  • Safe for the environment.

It may seem like the world at large is near the edge of no return in terms of the dire state of the planet as we know it, but if we all adopt safer practices in every sector of our daily lives, we just might have a chance to take a few steps back from the very VERY scary edge.

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