T-shirt trends over the decades

Trends, trends, trends.

Each time I go on Instagram, I always find something new trend wise to get hyped about. And I always think, people from other planets would definitely get sick of our obsession with the next IN thing!

I was in for a shocker though when casually surfing the internet one day, I discovered that well, on the planet of the T-shirts, (a pretty cool planet by the way) they also had a knack for trends.

Now with the T-shirt trends in T-shirt land over the years, it's been quite intense. And like with the difficulty of having to choose between Kylie’s lip kits and trying to beat the picture of a plain ol' egg being the most liked photo on Instagram trends, I would try to create below, a timeline for the coolest times of the T-shirt trends.

1898 – 1913

This saw the earliest T-shirts which were issued by the U.S navy, to be worn as underwear. And sometimes also, work clothes worn under their uniforms. Underwear huh? I guess we all have to start somewhere, don't we?


The 1960s kicked off the era of T-shirts being a more acceptable form of stand-alone casual wear. Though it made quite the headline after it was debuted on the Hollywood scene by Marlon Brando in the movie a streetcar named desire in the 1950s, every day people really begun to get the hang of it in the 1960s

Major companies like coca cola and Mickey mouse were quick to adopt the T-shirt as part of their advertisement campaigns.

From underwear to money maker I see, Nice!


Being a big thing in the consumer industry just didn't do it for the T-shirt, and hence, it began to take the political route. They became quite widely used to spice up public events, and also to make both personal and political statements.


The early 1980s saw the T-shirt’s slow, but steady tete-a-tete with the designer fashion scene, as Katherine Hamnett brilliantly pioneered the style of outsize T-shirts that featured large print slogans.

The cool kids had a filled day with this one.


Though the very business savvy coca cola and Mickey mouse companies saw the potential the inclusion of T-shirts in large scale campaigns had, more and more companies began to see that potential also in the 1990s.

Most consumer companies at the time began to use T-shirts with their logo prints or brand message in all their campaigns.

Once the T-shirt learned it was a money maker, it just didn't let up! (Goals!)


Being best friends with top celebrities began to happen more for the T-shirt in the 2000s, as top shot entertainers and models like Gisele Bundchen, Victoria Beckham and a host of others really pushed the T-shirt trend.

The cool kids really went crazy with it this time and still do.


Paris week, some of us could only dream about getting in the backstage, not to talk of getting a whole feature.

The T-shirt on the other hand, had no such problem and got featured in a grunge style design on the runway in Paris fashion week 2014.

I have always thought what made humans so cool was our incredible diversity because boy, there are so many layers to us. But I think it’s also pretty cool that we share a common trait with such a cool fella as the T-shirt.

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