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  • Cane sugar packaging, the turtles would be proud!

    Some sugar for your tea?

    We have been told for ages that sugar would be the death of us all, but what if I told you that sugar, or at least the plant from which it comes from, would save the turtles and ultimately you and me?

    In the fight to take back our oceans from plastic bags and hand said oceans back to its rightful owners the turtles (cute little fellas), Trying to get rid of plastic bags hasn’t been an easy endeavor, as the convenience which it brings cannot just be kicked to the curb.

  • Producing clothing ethically

    Its 2019, and though a ton of trends seem mediocre, some trends especially in the fashion sphere are a breath of fresh air.

    When you make to purchase a clothing item typically, certain things hardly ever come to mind.

    When purchasing clothing items, how ethical the sourcing and production of said clothing items were, hardly ever comes to mind. Online shopping shall be the death of us all! (But I don’t mind dying stylish, you? okay)