The polo T-shirt

Still on T-shirt royalty, but before we get into just how a basic T-shirt seems to have quite the tie with back-in-the day royalty, I would like to ask…

When you began reading this T-shirt series, did you think you would have that very interested smile on your face with each read? Yeah, I mean the one you have on right now…lol, okay fine, I mean the one that just went away.

Like the raglan sleeve type T-shirt, the polo T-shirt is also one T-shirt that the elites from back-in-the day were sweet on, and the story goes thus….

The British elite began to get cranky after decades of just sitting around and having everyone else do stuff for them.

Now don't get too excited, as we aren't talking giving up all their fancy stuff and becoming like us mere mortals. I’m talking about trying to get active for a little bit like us mortals, but for their pleasure of course.

They felt the need to take part in certain sporting activities to probably work out the kinks in their muscles, and in the true elite fashion, they settled on the very fancy sport of polo.

The polo T-shirt was adopted as their play shirt of choice.

Despite trying to get active as we regulars do, they just had to have some distinction in their style of T-shirt. This style of T-shirt tones down that casual feel of your typical T-shirt by a lot!

This slightly less causal T-shirt gets its name from the sport polo, and is structured into a collar that joins and lowers into a neckline, sporting a placket and finished off with a few buttons. It sometimes comes with a pocket, and other times without.

This style of T-shirt was borrowed from India alongside the Jodhpur pants and the sport of polo itself in the 19th century.

Though the polo T-shirt soared to be loved by a ton of other sports, it was originally taken up by polo players in the 1920s

The polo T-shirt also comes in a dress length variation called the polo dress. (I see the girls weren't left out. move side 2019, the 1920s definitely thought equality was cool first!)

Ever wondered why the preppy Ivy League college kids had a cult-like fetish for the polo T-shirt? Well folks, it's a rich people thing!

In terms of the make material, the polo T-shirt is made with knitted cotton instead of a woven cloth. A pique knit is usually favored with its make. Others fiber materials like merino wool, silk or a blend of both synthetic and natural fibers are also employed by some brands.

The polo T-shirt being an elite favorite also has quite the history with a handful of popular sports, which we would touch on in part two of this life and life of the polo T-shirt story reel.

It’s been decades, and the love for this style of T-shirt doesn't seem to be dwindling anytime soon.

Listen, being regular sucks, and we might never become royalty. But just like the elites of the 1920s did, we can step out now and then, put on the polo T and feel like maybe we could be something different.

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