The stuff of cool t-shirts: sustainability

Sustainable fashion….now hold your horses kids, this isn’t just some new fashion trend that would crawl into a corner and die when the next trend comes alive.

Sustainable fashion is one fashion trend that for both our sakes, we hope never goes away.

Now imagine that your favorite clothing item is being made by let’s say cutting off a piece of the earth each time.

That would mean that a considerable amount of the earth has to be cut off to ensure that all the people like you who are looking to purchase said clothing item are satisfied.

It’s a Few years into the future and the earth is almost gone, a ton of people are dead, you can no longer get your favorite clothing item, and yeah, you are probably also dead too.

Hold on, hold on. I didn’t mean to scare you or anything, but fast fashion is literally ruining all of our lives, destroying the earth, and could eventually kill us all.

The methods used in the production of most of the materials employed in the creation of our clothing are quite dangerous to both our health and the environment and hence, people are looking to adopt more sustainable methods of producing fashionable clothing.

There are so many ways in which fast fashion is killing us all, but one of its high points is the crazy amount of chemicals employed in the cultivation of the cotton used in the production of fabric.

Almost a third of a pound of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are required to produce a single t-shirt, and these large amounts of chemicals, end up poisoning the land the cotton grows on, water sources and the air.

Boy! It sure does seem like we have got ourselves cornered on all sides!

A more sustainable approach to fashion would be the strict use of organic cotton or simply switching the clothing make material for those which require safer methods to produce.

With the case of cotton, switching to the use of organic cotton which is devoid of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and are free of GMOs would be the best way to go.

With organic cotton, there is little or no introduction of these harmful chemicals into the land, water and air.

This means that not only would we be safe in terms of the state of our health, but also, the land on which the cotton grows on would stop being compromised in the long run.

Sustainability in fashion lies in all our hands, and between the cotton farmers, the clothing manufacturers, retailers and consumers strictly indulging organic cotton, we should be able to pull all of humanity from the scary edge that fast fashion threatens to push us off from.

The bloody luxury brand employs 100% organic cotton in its clothing production endeavors, and hence, fully backs sustainable fashion.

We do not source our materials from questionable sources, and only work toe to toe with fair trade endeavors.

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