Cool Mens T-Shirts UK

White is hardly my favorite color because even breathing gets a stain on it (white clothing triggers my anxiety like what????)

Maintaining a white t-shirt or white clothing in general is quite hectic and like rihanna said, “If I never see your face again, I won’t mind”

Though I am not a big fan of white clothing, I have come across a white t-shirt or two that has more than just caught my eye. and yes, there are many cool mens t shirts uk based especially.

If you are big on white t-shirts or white clothing in general, the tips below could be what you need to help with that white t-shirt maintenance nightmare

Not trying to cover up a murder or anything, but bleach!

With white clothing, bleach really is the deal breaker!

Your detergent might be of top quality and your washing machine powered by thanos’ infinity gauntlet, but if you skip the bleach with a white t-shirt, that glorious whiteness tends to go down a notch and eventually, a lot.

How often does your T shower?

How often do you wash your clothes?

Whatever that answer is, if it isn’t after every wear, then you really should get another washing schedule for your white t-shirt.

It’s no big deal to wash your clothes generally after your wear them a few times, but going that route with your white t-shirt tends to dull the t-shirt’s brightness after a few wears.

Giving your white cool t shirts and white clothing a wash after each wear should be mandatory.

What’s your poison, sorry, detergent?

With clothing generally, you might not pay much attention to the details in terms of detergents, but with a white t-shirt and white clothing in general, you really should pay more attention.

Buying detergents that contain bleach to specifically wash your white t-shirt is a great move when you are looking to keep said t-shirt as white as when you wore it for the first time.

There is something about hot showers

The germs are so going to hate you for this one, but a man has got to do what a man has got to do!

Employing the use of hot water to wash your clothing is excellent especially when washing your white t-shirt.

Hot water is known to kill germs on some level, but it also helps to remove tough stains.

With A combination of the right kind of detergent, bleach and hot water when washing your white t-shirt, you might as well have won the war on stains my good man!

Some clothing tends to shrink at certain hot water temperatures and hence, you need to be cautious and check out the warnings on the label of your white t-shirt.

Not to be extra, but…

The white t-shirt doesn’t mean to be such a drama king, but it sure does have pretty extra needs.

Washing your white t-shirt with clothing of other colors is a no no!

It doesn’t matter if the other clothing bleeds their color or not, you can’t be too careful.

Washing your white t-shirt on its own, is one no brainer way that helps you maintain that blinding white smile of your T when you hit the town on a hot summer day.