Mens and Ladies Sweatshirts UK

That Kanye song "gold digger”, really does get me thinking of the polo T-shirt.

Lol, the double take was totally expected, but hear me out, would you?

T-Shirts generally are the sport's top of choice for most of the active sports known to man. And sweatshirts whether they are mens sweatshirts uk based or not, or their female counterpart ladies sweatshirts uk or no, then they dont quite live up to the cheeky old polo.

I mean, top sports, not-so-top-sports, and even sports neither you nor I knew existed (think I’m kidding? Google weird sports)

Now with your typical T-shirts, it doesn't care what tax bracket a sport appeals to. It offers its covering services, no problem!

But when it comes to the polo T-shirt, that little lady is quite the snob.

She apparently is no gold digger like Kanye said, but she ain't messing with no broke…..

The polo T-shirt over the years has pitched her tent with a handful of top sports, and the three that scream deep pockets the most, are listed below:


For the longest time, polo players were stuck with a very uncomfortable ensemble of thick long sleeve shirts that was crafted out of oxford cloth cotton. (Serious much? It's a sport people, loosen up already!)

Actually, they had to wear this shirt style to prevent their collars from going crazy flapping in the wind as they played.

Lewis lacy finally listened to our cry for loosening up in 1920, and gave the polo players a literal breather with the less intense cut of polo shirt that also helped to calm down my anxiety.

Ralph Lauren subsequently included an imitation of the now polo attire in his polo shirt collection, and the hedge fund boys have worn the heck out of it since.( oh so writers get copyrighted but not designers? Not cool dude!)



In the culture of dumping boring old sports gear for cooler ones, the tennis folk dropped their plain ol’ white long sleeve button up shirts, which they had to roll up while in play as it got in the way and made playing very uncomfortable.

Rene Lacoste, a Knight in common sense armor and seven-time French grand slam tennis champion, swooped in and designed the “jersey petit pique”, a short sleeve and loosely knit pique cotton shirt.

Dude literally saved everyone from the uncomfortable clutches of the first play wear.

He wore his design for the first time in the U.S open championship of 1926.

The beginning of 1927 saw the placing of the famous Lacoste crocodile emblem on the left breast of his T-shirts. This was a nod in the direction of his nickname of the crocodile, which the American press gave him.

Teaming up with Andre gillier, his friend and clothing merchandiser after he retired from active play, His shirts were marketed across Europe and North America, and then went on to form the chemise Lacoste company.

Get that money, sir! And not forgetting ladies sweatshirts without hood uk being a hotbed of activity.


The golf scene came in rather late in regards to adopting the polo/tennis T-shirt as their play shirt, as this adoption happened in the latter part of the 20th century.

At this time, casual clothing became a preference in this suave sport.

Most country clubs and even golf courses weren't big on being left out on the trend, as they became pretty insistent that their players took on these new cut golf T-shirt as part of their play ensemble.

The moniker golf shirt was born as the Lacoste’s tennis shirt began to be structured in different cuts to redefine the popular tennis shirt for the golf play.

A darn sight more foxy than the humble sweatshirt....but hey that's another story altogether.