Mens and Womens Hoodies UK


Okay so t-shirts you know by now is the sign of some level of coolness amongst the nerds and nerds alike, but there once upon a time, there was a cool contender in the thread count of the hoodie.

The t-shirt may be it for the cool crowd of today, but the hoodie in all of its dark and brooding significance was actually here first.

Dating back to the Victorian era, and loved by both royalty and back alley cats alike, the present day hoodie is simply of less fabric than those worn back when royal cousins 5 million times removed were plotting bloody monarchy coups.

The present day style hoodie was originally brought alive to keep warehouse workers warm in the crazy cold of New York City in the 1930s.

Sometime in the 1970s, this style of clothing got taken over from being practical hard work attire to become a fashion statement piece for the hip-hop culture.

Oh man!? Why can’t hard workers ever have nice things?

The high fashion scene then decided to get into a tag team championship with the hip-hop industry, to really make the hoodie an in thing in both the fashion and the hip hop/rap scene.

Fashion designers like Norma kamali and co, couldn’t get enough of the weird hat and sweat shirt ensemble, and integrated its style in to their season collections.

The winner of the “who could blow the hoodie’s popularity out of proportion the most” contest was obviously the movie rocky, as the hoodie’s feature in the movie just drove everyone wild

(ok maybe except me, because someone kept chopping up onions all through the movie, and I was too teary eyed and cursing at the heavens for making such a dreadful plant/fruit, whatever it is! to notice the hoodie) and remember these little chaps come in both sleeved and sleeveless hoodie womens uk being a great place to find a huge selection.

Okay so we have the hard workers in the teeth chattering cold. The fashion borrowers in the hip-hop scene. The fashion designers who decided that well, couture was getting ridiculous and jumped on the hoodie band wagon. Then came the proper nerds, geeks, people who got wedgies in high school….

Hoodies became a popular favorite with the braniacs after mark Logiurato pitched it to companies like the software bottling company amongst others.

The nerds in the colleagues weren’t left out, as college/university logos on hoodies also became a thing. And remember the great variety of womens hoodies uk being a fave place to find whatever your heart desires.

Then came the 1990s, when the hoodie was no longer just about being the new cool fashionable piece, but also began to represent self expression. At this time, the hoodie was also known to represent isolation.

The surfers and skate boarders swore that they would call on Poseidon and the god of concrete (what’s his name again?) to do us all in if they didn’t get in on the hoodie action. And just like that, the hoodie trend rapidly became popular in California and other parts west of the United States.

Popular brands like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Giorgio Armani etc, took the hoodie even further mainstream by featuring it more than now and then in their respective fashion collections.

Rounding of this hoodie tale, (no reference to Robin Hood….but wouldn’t it be mega cool it was? Okay I’m getting distracted again...)

Sean combs aka puff daddy and now diddy (dude couldn’t make up his mind I see, happens to the best of us millionaires) designed a crystal studded hoodie which took the world by storm, and got acquired by the Victoria and Albert museum in London. So you can certainly find many great mens hoodies uk being my fave spot for finding new styles.

Move aside dusty old artifacts and stuff, the shiny thread count just owned ya!