Plain Round and V Neck T Shirts for Men


Has your heart ever said yes to a cool T-Shirt but your bank account said hell nah dude?

Well, it happens to the best of us.

With designer t-shirts, most people are of the line of thought that they are being sold the brand name and nothing else. Oh yes those wonderful plain round neck tshirts branded or not.

Well, the hype surrounding said designer T-Shirt brands may have something to do with the high cost of their products, but that is only part of it.

I know i know, it is pretty annoying when a clothing item that seems pretty basic goes for these insane prices. but as much as we would all want to believe that the big bad capitalism is simply out to get us, below are a few reasons why designer t-shirts are such high maintenance drama queens.

Made especially for you

With designer t-shirts, a lot of thought is put in to its making.

Unlike with the quality of t-shirts you and I old friend are used to, designer t-shirts are made with the would-be wearer in mind.

Don’t get me wrong though, more affordable t-shirt brands even when selling plain v neck t shirts men or women alike - don’t hate us or anything. Designer t-shirt brands pay more attention to the cut and fit of the t-shirts they produce, and hence they tend to fit better overall.

I know it might feel like you are paying someone to care about you, but don’t worry, it’s just business.

Quality thread count

There are a ton of t-shirt make material both high quality and not, and with designer t-shirts, their designers are no peasants and hence always reach for the higher quality t-shirt materials.

It totally makes sense that with a higher quality material, the resulting t-shirt item would cost more.

With this second point of mine, I hope I have been able to show that the culprit behind the designer t-shirt expensive price mask is not the capitalism conspiracy.

First world country problems

Most designer t-shirts are made out of first world countries like in America and Europe hence, its pricing can’t be compared to t-shirts made in other world countries.

With countries in America and Europe, their minimum wage is higher than most places and hence, the cost of production of goods and services is bound to be higher.

Designers pay their workers more for their services and it’s a no brainer that they try and make that money back somehow.

Made with love

Ever bought a t-shirt online and the price point had you go “wow! A steal”, but when you finally received your order, you couldn’t help but ask yourself if it were truly meant for a person or a scarecrow?

This doesn’t go for all affordable t-shirt brands, but the quality of some of these cheaper t-shirt variations are of very terrible quality.

A combination of the terrible fabric quality and the low quality workmanship just turns your t-shirt order into a full blown nightmare.

Better care is taken when it comes to the production of designer t-shirts and hence, they tend to cost more than you average everyday t-shirt.