Round Neck Mens T Shirts UK


Yeah, it is true. T-shirts for men were typically designed to be at the bottom of the food chain in men’s clothing land.

That one clothing item that comes to your rescue when you aren't feeling life or on those days that all you want to do is blend into the background.

Yeah, the silly old round collar t shirt UK especially was born to star on the show dirty jobs.

I once heard a lady reply to why she never dressed casually with "what if I bump into my enemies?"

Now, you may not have any enemies you would want to get jealous with your wickedly good sense of style, but it doesn't hurt to have your clothes fit right, yeah?

Below are a few things to note when it comes to how to fit t-shirts for men properly

Head, shoulders, knees, and toes

Your shoulders play a huge role in regards to well-fitting round neck collar t-shirts for men, and ensuring that the shoulder part of your t-shirt sits right makes an enormous difference.

Ensure that the shoulder seams on your T-shirts do not go past your shoulders.

It gives off a false length of your shoulders, and you end up looking way out of proportion than you naturally are (not that you are typically out of proportion or anything)

Don’t let a t-shirt get in the way of your bicep flex

What's the point in putting in all that work at the gym but having your T-shirt sit weird on those neat arms?

With well-fitted t-shirts for men, you need to ensure that your t-shirt sleeves hang midway between your armpit and your elbow

Anything other than that makes your arms look shorter and ultimately awkward.

Cool abs, but…

We all love to show off our pretty little (or big achievements) one way or the other.

It might not be illegal to take off your shirt now and then in a crowd and show off your sick abs, but it might snag you the "what is up with this guy" title.

Wearing fitted t-shirts for men is one way you can show off your fit form from all that grunting in the gym.

Things could get way out of hand with fitted t-shirts for men, as the line between well fitted and too tight is quite thin.

Well-fitting round-neck men's t-shirts should give you an inch or two of pinch space .if you can’t pinch your fitted t-shirts without nearly flaying your skin, then that is one ill-fitting t-shirt for you, sir.

Below the belt, but in a good way

With t-shirts for men and the fact that men and humans in general, have varying torso lengths, there is no set measurement for ideal fitting t-shirts for men.

The how the heck do I know which one is right for me then I bet you are wondering.

A well-fitting t-shirt for you would be one that is at least an inch or two below the waist of your pants or bottoms.