V Neck Mens T Shirts London


Keeping your clothes in excellent condition over time is pain in the neck enough, but with the branded T-Shirt, you would need to take out that note pad, pen, and pay attention and take notes.

Keeping your favorite branded t-shirts from becoming “has-beens” does take some work, and below are four ways to take care when cleaning your branded T-Shirt.

Inside out!

While the movie inside out was quit entertaining, the inside out in regards to cleaning your branded T-Shirt is less fun.

With branded t-shirts, washing them inside out is the best way to go to help keep its branding intact.

Whether you are washing that prized branded T-Shirt by hand or with the help of a machine, the tip of cleaning said T-Shirt with less contact to the where the actual branding is on the shirt, really does work.

If you are too hot, your clothes are too!

The branding on your branded T-Shirt is much more likely to wear than the fabric itself and hence, cold water washing would be best for both branded design and the T-Shirt itself.

A ton of people believe that hot or warm water washing does something extra for the washing/cleaning process In terms of killing off harmful bacteria and stuff (omg! its high school biology all over again! ms.xxx wasn’t very nice!)

Now about the killing of bacteria and all that…..well, our resident bacteriologist isn’t quite available at the moment to fill us in on that (lol, just kidding, we can’t afford a resident anything)

The point is hot water bad, cold water good.

Lay off the heavy stuff!

Now listen, just like you wouldn’t like to be an alcoholic, branded t-shirts also do not by any means appreciate being dosed with insane amounts of bleach/ detergents or just strong detergents in general.

The branding on your T-Shirt is likely to be of delicate nature and hence, super strong washing materials could wear your branded T-Shirt design.

Mild soaps and detergents are usually your best bet when it comes to properly cleaning your branded t-shirts without causing it any damage.

Your kids’ friends are bad influence!

If you know kids, then you know that they require lots of taking care of.

With the above being said, anything in your life that needs a ton of caring for automatically becomes your child! Oh yeah, and that's no matter what it is a round-neck, open-neck or V-neck men's t-shirt London being sucha great place to hunt them down whilst shopping.

Before you get to the teen years where your kids are full blown nightmares (don’t take it to heart moms and dads, it comes with the age!) you can begin practicing with your branded t-shirts

“What is this individual going on about? I know you are wondering”…

Well, like kids have friends that are terrible influence and sometimes they are the terrible influence themselves; your branded t-shirts also have these very influential friends who seem to literally rub off on them pretty quickly

Washing your different colored clothing with your branded t-shirts is a no no! Oh yeah and that goes for V neck t shirts full sleeves or not.

Like with bad friends, different colored attires could rub off on your favorite branded t-shirt in an instant, ruining it forever!

Learn to keep your kids from the bad influence today!