Women T Shirt England


I have a friend, and I don't know what is up with this guy, but he loves T-shirts.

I mean don't get me wrong, I wear a lot of T-shirts, but with my friend, it is literally pants and a T-shirt from Sunday to Sunday.

I had seen him wear so many T-shirts over the years, and I don't know if it were because I knew someone who loved T-shirts that much or something else, but T-shirts have always just looked the same to me.

Could be a different color, print and all that, but it all looked the same. Kind of reminded me of that weird quote you see on social media, "same s##t different day" I mean I know what the quote means, but…..oh never mind.

Back to the T-shirts! I was quite awed when I found out that dear basic T that literally everyone owns had types……..feel the awkward silence too? Oh, okay.

This is what I found, and I thought to share to with you:

Before we get into it though, I have to say that surprisingly, there are so many different types of ladies t shirts england - being a classic example of where to find them - and while I still don't understand how something so basic could have a more dense Wikipedia page than I do(I don't have a Wikipedia page btw), I would list just a few.

Crew neck style

Crew neck style T-shirt aka the round neck T-shirt is pretty self-explanatory. it’s a lot like the v-neck style of T-shirts, but its neckline is in a circular structure and looks super neat under a flannel.

Yee haw cowboy!

Collar neck style

The collar neck style T-shirt features a collar that is usually a little thicker in feel than the rest of the parts of the T-shirt, but not as firm as the collars in an actual shirt.

The golfers go heavy on this one

Usually worn alone as the collar would make it super awkward under another shirt, this is one pretty cool stand alone guy.

It has its own back, and we definitely should strive to be like this guy. But don't take my word for it, you can find lots of womens tshirts England having a huge selection available.

Scoop neck style

The scoop neck style T-shirt, a lot like the crew neck style T-shirt, but maybe more like its hipster brother.

It comes with a way more casual feel than the typical crew neck; as it hangs a little bit lower below the collar bone.

Don't get into a fight wearing this one or else, we might have a new cleaning rag situation on our hands. Now the scoop neck has long been a firm favourite - ladies t shirt england being the perfect place to find lots and lots to choose from.

Henley Y- neck style

The Henley neck style womens t shirts england - being a great place to find them -, also called the Y-neck T-shirt, (dear whoever invented the T-shirt, was your alphabet teacher really that nice?) takes on a cool twist between the crew neck style and the v-neck style T-shirts.

It is finished off with a buttoning placket, and a fit that screams a cross between a preppy hedge fund heir and gym rat.

I have always thought that “hey, I not that cool, but at least I’m not a lame basic T-shirt”, but right now, I just don't know.